Research of HUMPO hostels in the Ústecký region

The Centre for the Support of the Integration of Foreigners in the Ústecký Region in cooperation with the Ústecký Region carried out a “Research of HUMPO hostels in the Ústecký Region”.
There were several objectives of this research:
  • To explain to accommodation providers and guests the changes in accommodation support from 1.9.2024.
  • To find out accommodation providers’ plans and prices for self-payers after 1.9.2024.
  • To distinguish the composition of households on properties by number and type of vulnerability.
  • To get an idea of the number and composition of households at risk of losing their housing after 1.9.2024.
  • To map available capacity on affordable properties.
The main tool of the survey was personal visits of the implementation team to the HUMPO facilities (hostels).
Data collection took place from 28.2.2024 to 28.5.2024.
The output of the research is available in Czech language here.