Intercultural work – Ústí nad Labem

During daily work with migrants, one often needs to understand the context of cultures that are in contact with each other. Merely interpreting the words is not enough, since even in spite of the correctness of the contents one could still run into misunderstanding. Intercultural assistants understand the migrant’s situation well, know Czech legislature, and can also perceive different behavioral formulas and means of communication in both cultures.

We currently offer free intercultural assistance when communicating with the Vietnamese, Russian and Ukrainian minorities in the Ústí nad Labem region.

If you need help with communicating with foreigners who speak a different language, we can refer you to the respective interpreters. In some cases, we can even cover the costs of interpreting from projects.

Most frequently handled situations:

  • Contact with bureaus, schools, doctors, employers, lessors of apartments
  • Interpreting during consultations and negotiations
  • Organization of cultural events and workshops
  • Basic consultations in social and residential questions


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