Social Couselling

We use our long-term practical experience to offer free social counseling and advice to foreigners living in the Czech Republic. We believe that every situation has a solution, especially when one starts dealing with it as soon as it arises. We approach our clients on an individual basis, always with maximum care and with due respect to the sensitivity of their specific question.
Most frequently handled situations

  • Securing of social security and social care benefits as well as material distress benefits
  • Assistance when searching for jobs and housing
  • Information services regarding the Czech social systems
  • Assistance for dealing with Czech bureaus
  • Assistance for securing medical insurance and care
  • Aid in the area of education
  • Social advisory is provided within the registered service “Specialized social advisory” as per Act 108/2006, on Social Services.

A meeting can be arranged by phone, email or in person directly at our office. Within the scope of social advisory, we also provide assistance directly at the client’s address and at specific bureaus, however only after an agreement made in advance and in view of the possibilities of individual employees.


Contacts for employees in Prague and in Ústí nad Labem.