About us

The Counselling Centre for Integration is a non-government non-profit organization – a registered institute. It provides legal, social and psychosocial support and help in the area of education. It also provides Czech language courses for children and adults and also offers tutoring for standard school subjects.

The Counselling Centre for Integration has provided this support since 1997. Today, it is an organization with strong expertise in the area of migration and foreigners. It has two registered branch offices in two regions, notably in Prague and in Ústí nad Labem, and currently has two services registered in both of these regions: specialized social advisory and social-activization services for families with children.

The Social advisory aspect is comprised primarily in specialized social and legal aid to clients – notably informing clients of how the Czech systems work, provision of labor counseling, assistance when searching for apartments, support for clients when securing education and accompanying them during their visits to various offices, doctors and other institutions. Legal counseling provides aid to clients in the area of residential permits, in certain civil disputes, and in resolving questions surrounding the awarding of Czech citizenship.

The second registered service is “social-activization services for families with children”, which is intended for, but not exclusively for foreigners. Both branch offices provide children and their families with a range of activities which focus on learning the culture and ways of the country that they have decided to live in. The office organizes a range of thematic events, workshops and trips – as well as summer camps, either as part of their social services or within one of its ongoing projects.


Our mission is to help foreigners integrate into our society so that they can become fully fledged citizens, with all the associated rights and obligations. The goal of our work is also to fight against discrimination and xenophobic moods in the society.



Mgr. Kristýna Kratochvílová – Chairman of the board

Mgr. Miroslav Kaštyl

Mgr. Andrea Předotová

Klára Dušáková – auditor