Social-Activization Service in Prague

This is a social prevention service as per § 65 of Act 108/2006, on social services. Our mission is to help and support families with children in unfavorable long-term social situations which they cannot overcome on their own. The aim of the service is to activate the parents to make a change and motivate them in order to work towards the solution of their problems.
Target groups

  • Families of foreigners with one or more children
  • Children and youth aged 6 to 26 who are under threat of socially undesirable phenomena
  • Youth aged up to 26 who are leaving educational facilities for institutional care
  • Provided services
  • Basic and specialized social advisory – both in the office and on-site
  • Family counseling and psychosocial support
  • Educational and free-time activities for families with children
  • Support and help with preparing for classes

For more information, please contact the Prague social department.