Activities for the general public


Multicultural activities are organized to support the integration of foreigners living permanently in the Czech Republic. Through art, music, dance and food tasting, the local Czech public learns about the way of life of different ethnic groups, their culture and traditions. During multicultural events, such as ethnic music evenings, exhibitions or celebrations of national holidays, we present the cultural specifics of selected communities and at the same time try to support our clients in preserving their original cultural and historical identities. We involve foreigners themselves in the preparation of the programmes of ethnic evenings and holiday celebrations, so that they are not only performers at these events, but also active co-organisers.

Regularly organized multicultural activities

  • Workshops of dances and national cuisines
  • Ethnic music evenings
  • Celebrations of national holidays



The multi-ethnic festival Colourful Planet is the peak of the year-long work of the Integration Counselling Centre. The festival is supported by the Statutory City of Ústí nad Labem, the ČEZ Foundation and under the auspices of the city mayor. The festival aims to introduce and bring closer the ethnic groups living in the Czech Republic and to show the topic of their integration to the general public. The Integration Counselling Centre clients themselves are largely involved in the organisation of the festival. They prepare workshops, ethnic stalls, presentations of traditional crafts and products, or tastings of food and drinks typical for each country.