Volunteering in our organization offers not only a good feeling of helping others in need, but also the possibility of establishing contacts with people from various cultures and learning how non-profit organizations work.

Volunteers at the Counselling Centre for Integration help us fulfil one of our main goals – to help foreigners integrate into Czech society and everyday life in the Czech Republic. In addition, the work of volunteers supports the operation of the Counselling Centre for Integration in many other areas and volunteers hence form a very important part of our organization.

Most frequent forms of aid:

  • Aid to adults and children with practising their Czech language skills
  • Aid to children with preparing for school
  • Assistance with the organization of various events (free-time activities within social activization services, festivals, workshops etc.)

Volunteers and those interested in volunteering can also bring forth their own ideas of activities which they would like to organize for clients or through which they would like to support the Counselling Centre for Integration.

Are you interested in volunteering for the Counselling Centre for Integration?

Contact our coordinators in order to set up a meeting – you will receive all the required information there.


Nikol Kováčová, tel.: +420 605 372 805, e-mail: praha@p-p-i.cz


Mgr. et Mgr. Daniela Hrdličková, tel.: +420 778 440 642, e-mail: usti@p-p-i.cz