Services for schools

Based on our many years of experience, we provide schools with individual counseling regarding the general approach and educational methods used for children of foreigners. We secure “guides” to introduce the families of such children (foreigners) to their new school, and explain the school system to them including information about school rules, how to excuse children from school etc.


  • Consultations regarding the integration and education of foreign pupils
  • Acceptance of a new pupil, inclusion in a class, supportive measures
  • Methodological support for the teaching of Czech language for foreigners and the preparation of teaching materials
  • Information about available teaching materials, Czech language courses
  • Assistance with communication with the parents of pupils – foreigners
  • Introductory meeting (excusing, operation of the school, setting up communication channels)
  • Resolving educational needs and disciplinary problems
  • Accompanying parents for school meetings
  • Securing of interpreting services
  • We offer consultations either by phone or in person, directly at the school.



Based on specific projects, we offer free seminars for teachers; if needed, a school can also order a turnkey seminar to suit their needs (customized selection of topics and scope, to be carried out directly in the school).

Foreign pupils in Czech schools (4 h) – Legislature, acceptance process, system of supporting measures, methods and forms of teaching, collaboration with parents.

Children of foreigners in kindergarten (3h) – Legislature, methods and forms of teaching, collaboration with parents, teaching materials.

Czech language courses for foreigners (4h) – Teaching of individual language competences, structure of lessons, teaching materials, language activities.

Integration of Vietnamese pupils (4h) – Vietnamese nationals in the Czech Republic, cultural differences, Vietnamese language, teaching Vietnamese children.

Intercultural competences of teachers (4h) – Intercultural communication, cultural dimensions, specifics of selected nations, educational systems abroad.


We offer multicultural educational programs, lectures, discussion meetings and project days focusing on the introduction of foreigners living in the Czech Republic and the presentation of their traditions, customs and culture. Within these educational programs, we strive to develop the intercultural competences of participants and their knowledge of other cultures. Some programs include direct meetings with foreigners.

Foreigners in the Czech Republic (45-90 min)Basic information about the most frequently represented groups of foreigners in the Ústí nad Labem region and their culture, an intercultural quiz working with frequent prejudices, stories of a foreigner.

Refugees (45-90 min.)Basic information about refugees and migration, stories of a refugee.

Intercultural communication (45 min.)Fundamentals of intercultural communication and the specifics of non-verbal techniques for selected cultures.

Cultural shock (45 min.)The notion of culture and its dimensions, cultural shock and the adaptation process.

A taste of Vietnam (45-90 min)Basic information about Vietnam and its culture, including a tasting of Vietnamese tea and/or snacks (e.g., fruits, prawn crackers, spring rolls).

Cuba – a life story (45-90 min)Living in Cuba, the topic of human rights, a workshop focusing on Cuban salsa and other Latin American dances.


These educational programs are intended to students of social law and related fields.

Integration of foreigners in the Ústí nad Labem region (90 min.)Migration, topics related to the integration of foreigners, forms of aid, intercultural quiz.

Social work with immigrants (90 min)Practical training, competence of employees working with immigrants.

For more information, please contact our educational department in Ústí nad Labem.