Together in Prague

Project name: Together in Prague

Implementer:  Poradna pro integraci , z.ú.
Implementation period: 1/1/2024 to 31/12/2024

Place of implementation: Prague

Financing: Municipality of Hl.m. of Prague

The aim of the project:

support migrants in their orientation in a new environment, help them with communication and familiarize them with the cultural specifics of the Czech Republic
increasing the awareness of migrants about their rights and obligations towards the public and private sector in the Czech Republic and help with the implementation of their rights and obligations
increasing the majority society’s awareness of cultural specifics and some social and legal aspects of the target group’s life in the Czech Republic.

Target group: migrants and secondarily to the majority society.

is the provision of intercultural counseling and the realization of Community activities. The intercultural worker focuses on helping clients with the removal of barriers, especially language and cultural ones, in the integration of migrants into Czech society. Intercultural work will be provided mainly in the field in the form of assistance in negotiations with authorities, schools and other institutions. As part of the project, community activities are implemented, the aim of which is to support the maintenance of traditions, customs and holidays of foreigners and minorities and the coexistence of minorities with the majority society.