At home in Prague

Project name: At home in Prague

Place of implementation: Prague

Implementer: Poradna pro integraci, z.ú.
Implementation period: 1 June 2024 to 31 December 2024. 2024

Financing: Municipality of Hl.m. of Prague

The aim of the project:

supporting the self-sufficiency of the target group and its ability to adapt and navigate in Czech society,
increasing the awareness of the target group about its rights and obligations.

Target group: the project is primarily aimed at supporting Ukrainian refugees who are holders of temporary protection, visas for the purpose of tolerance and persons who fled from the war conflict in Ukraine, are not entitled to temporary protection and reside in the territory of the capital city of Prague. Secondarily, the project is focused on the majority company.

The benefit of the project:

Clients are offered key activities within the project: Social counseling, Intercultural work and Legal counseling. Key activities are primarily provided to Ukrainian refugees residing in the territory of the capital city of Prague and secondarily also to majority companies.