Humanitarian warehouse and assistance centre, field work Teplice

Duration: 1. 11. 2022 – 30. 6. 2023

Place of realization: Teplice

Implementer: The Counselling Centre for Integration, z.ú., Humanitarian Aid Centre, z.s.

Financing: Programme of People in Need: ‘Support for refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic’

The project is aimed at helping citizens of war-affected Ukraine who are settling in Teplice and the wider area. Support is provided for example in finding employment, housing, placing children in schools and kindergartens. The project also provides material assistance to these people.

The aim of the project is not only to provide humanitarian aid to citizens of Ukraine residing in the district of Teplice and its wider surroundings in the newly built Humanitarian Aid Centre in the centre of the city of Teplice, but also to further monitor the needs and provide assistance or mediation to these persons.