Support for the inclusion of pupils and students with a different mother tongue


Project period: 1.2.2018 – 31.7.2019

Place of realisation: Prague

Implementer: Couneslling Centre for Integration

Funded by: The Operational Programme Prague – Growth Pole


The project aims at strengthening the inclusion of pupils with a different mother tongue within school classes and also within the society in general, especially by helping develop the cognitive abilities of children with a different mother tongue as well as pupils from the general public via the use of the Instrumental Enrichment program of the Feuerstein Institute. The development of key competences of pupils will be supported by the organization of specific free-time activities, depending on the educational programs of their schools, and furthermore the project will have children with a different mother tongue collaborating with a guide – volunteer from the Integration Advisory Office who will provide the support required to get used to the child’s new environment.

The project also targets the development of competences of teachers. Schools will be offered methodical support in the form of informing teachers and organizing intercultural seminars focusing on working with children – foreigners and the possibilities for working with their parents. Teachers will be offered a course on the EI method accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

One additional goal of the project is to increase awareness of parents of children with a different mother tongue regarding the Czech educational system and how the parents can contribute to the educational process of children.

Target group:

  • Children and pupils of kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools – for activities focusing on the development of social and civil competences, competences for sustainable development and strengthening inclusion
  • Children and pupils with special and specific educational needs, especially pupils with a different mother tongue
  • Teachers and employees of schools and educational facilities


Mgr. Jana Peterová –
Mgr. Veronika Borozová –

Poster of the project (CZ)