Guidebook of Social Services in PPI

Guidebook of Social Services in PPI: Download pdf


1.     Who we are

We are a non-governmental organisation  called „Poradna pro integraci“ (PPI).  That means that our employees are not employed by the Council and that our services are free of charge.  Some services we provide, for example language courses, could be charged.

We have been supporting foreigners in process of integration into Czech community since 1997.  Currently we provide our services in two offices, domicile one in Prague and the other in Ústí nad Labem. We run multiculture Community Centre PPI in Ústí nad Labem.

Since  the establishment of PPI we have been  providing fundamental and specialized  Social-Legal Counselling, Social – Activation Service (SAS) and since 2014 accredited Volunteer Service.

We advocate for rights of our clients and  offer support in communication with authorities and employers. We support clients in their home environment, support them in finding  accommodation or job. We organise educational  and activational  activities and provide information regarding rights and obligations of families and information regarding education and free time activites for children.


2.     Our clients

You can register with our organisation and become our client if you are an immigrant living in the Czech Republic legally. If you wish to use our services anonymously and do not wish to provide your identification information, we will still be able to help you as much as possible.


3.     Goals of PPI

Our goal is to support our clients with integration in the Czech Republic. That means that we support our clients towards independency so they are able to meet their own needs and needs of their families.

Our goal particularly is to provide:

-        Fundamental and  specialized  Social and Legal Counselling;

-        Information regarding rights and obligations of foreigners in the Czech Republic;

-        Information regarding employment opportunities for foreigners in local job market;

-        Educational and sociocultural activities for foreigners to increase their qualification;

-        Activities to improve language skills;

-        Assistance in resolving housing issues;

-        Support in developing independent skills to fulfill their potentials in the community;

-        Activities aimed at influencing legislations and public environment regarding all foreigners and refugees;

-        Activities aimed at minimization of conflicts with mainstream society (for example assistance with dealing with authorities, ethnic evening workshops, lectures);

-        Activites aimed at improving knowledge of mainstream society about refugees and foreigners living in the Czech Republic (for example via media).

You can find more information at:


4.     Where to find us

PRAHA: Opletalova 6, 110 00 Praha 1

Opening hours of Social Departament:

Monday     8:00 – 17:00

Tuesday     8:00 – 18:00

Wednesday           8:00 – 17:00

Thursday   8:00 – 17:00

(The last client will be seen one hour before the closing time).


Telephone of Social Department:  (00420) 603 281 269

Telephone of educational workers:   (00420) 734 154 229


     PPI also provides free of charge legal counselling. For more information  please contact  our

     Legal Department on (00420) 603 807 567 or via e-mailu


ÚSTÍ NAD LABEM: Velká Hradební 33, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem

Opening hours of Social Department:

Monday     9:00 – 18:00

Tuesday     9:00 – 17:00

Wednesday           9:00 – 18:00

Thursday   9:00 – 17:00

Friday         9:00 – 15:00

(The last client will be seen one hour before the closing time).


Telephone of Social Department:  (00420) 731 175 833

Telephone of educational workers:  (00420) 732 827 177



You can contact us by person, phone or email. If you wish to use our Social or Legal Counselling, we would recommend that you make an appointment upfront. Otherwise there is a risk that the certain worker will not be able to help you straight away.  You can also use Facebook or Twitter to get in touch with us.


6.     If you do not speak Czech

Do not be afraid to contact us even if you cannot speak Czech.  Every our worker can speak  at least one world language. If you find out that you are not able to speak with our workers, please bring an interpreter  or someone who can help you to translate (for example your friend or a family member). If you need an interpreter, we recommend that you look at the register of experts and interpreters (Evidence znalců a tlumočníků) at


7.     How we provide our services

We provide counselling service from our two offices (Prague and Ústí nad Labem) either personally, over the phone or via internet. You can use our services once or repeatedly. We can arrange a visit out of the office for example at your address or hospital.

During our first visit we will introduce to you our services and to your rights and obligations raising from your registration at our organisation. If you have a complex issues that need  longer intervention, individual plan will be drawn up with you, where you describe your situation and together with a worker choose steps towards solution. You will be expected to work, with support, towards your goals in the plan. This plan would be frequently reviewed.

Social Workers in PPI keep notes about the services they provide so they can review and evaluate their work. Social Workers also file some of the documents that you provide to lend you the best support in resolution of your issues. You can view those files any time. If you wish not to share your identification details, Social worker would keep notes regarding work with you under a number and never would keep any of your personal documents in the file.


8.     Registration of service users for PPI services

Social worker will together with you draw an Individual plan of support and you will be asked to sign an Agreement with your data processing. In Agreement you will be asked to state your personal identification information that are important for resolving your situation with us. You will also be asked to sign a Contract of  provision of social services PPI. These documents are available in Czech, Russian, English and Vietnamese language. 

Information that you state in your Agreement are for use and access to them restricted only to employees of PPI.

We follow a Code of practice n.101/2000Sb. about data protection, which means, that client’s data are locked securely in our office with access to workers that work directly with clients only. Documents that you provide in electronic form are saved in our database that is accessible  to social workers only with security code. Your data are safe, any unauthorised person is not able to access it.


9.     Rights and obligations of service users of PPI

As a client of PPI you have rights and obligations. Your rights are secured by all employees of PPI. Breaching your obligations could lead to discontinuity of our suppport for 6 months the most. In that period you would not be able to use our services.  

9.1  Rights of service users

Your rights are:

1.     To use our services regardless sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, skin colour, language, religion, political preferences/opinions, social status, belonging to any minority, possessions or any other status.

2.     To recieve good quality service from qualified workers taking into account your  needs.

3.     To recieve our services free of charge.

4.     To voice your wishes, needs, opinions and requirements towards our services.

5.     To be accepted as an independent and responsible person with own opinion and right for own decisions.

6.     To file a complaint, or to raise some new ideas towards our services.

7.     To refuse support offered or withdraw from the service contract without stating any reasons.

8.     Personal and sensitive data protection in accordance with Code n. 101/2000 Sb., about data protection.

9.     To access your file in arranged time.

10.  Protection of your privacy.


9.2  Obligations of service users

Your obligations are:

1.     To contribute actively towards solutions of your situation.

2.     To avoid any form of aggression.  Aggression towards workers or other clients is a reason for witholding support at that moment. Repeated aggression could lead to total witholding of our services.

3.     To present yourself in a well mannered way towards PPI employees and other clients in accordance with the Conduct of good manners.

4.     To respect consultation hours and actual order in taking turns with other clients.

5.     To respect non smoking rule in PPI area.

6.     To respect belongins of our clients and responsibly look after your own belongins as employees of PPI are not responsible for loss or damage of client‘s belongins.


10.  Social  and other services offered

We offer komplex social service, see below.


10.1        Social Counselling

Through this service we want to support migrants during their integration. We support migrants to resolve short-term or long-term difficult social situations.

Most common cases of Social Counselling:

·        Information about Social Security system.

·       Support with submission of application forms of different kind for example for social benefits, support with finding a job or support with resolving issues in employment (unpaid salary etc.)

·        Support with finding accommodation and dealing with landlords

·       Support with securing health insurance and health care

·        Support in process of validation of education you obtained abroad


10.2  Legal Counselling

Legal counselling involves mostly resolving particular cases of migrants regarding law,  increasing legal awareness and help with resolving difficult situations.

Most common cases of Legal Counselling:

·        Assistance with obtaining licence or entitlement for residence in the Czech Republic

·        Information about legal acts and legal regulations in the Czech Republic

·        Support with acquiring or loosing claim of Czech citizenship

·        Control and support with negotiation of contracts (for example employment contracts, lease contracts etc.)


10.3   Social – Activation Service for families with children

We offer support to families with children in resolving their educational issues if they are unable to resolve these by themselves. For example we support families who due to limited knowledge of Czech language cannot support their children with preparation for school or their children have special educational needs. We also offer Social Counselling  to families as regards social benefits, health insurance, job, school, accommodation or dealing with council offices.

We also organise free time activities and educational courses for children and their families. The goal of these activits is among others getting to know new area and region. 


                     10.4       Volunteer Service

Since 2014 we have been offering accredited volunteer service. Our volunteers are trained in specifics of work with migrants. Volunteers form an important part of our organisation as they contribute towards succesfull integration of our clients. Most common job description for volunteer work is assistance  to children with preparation for school, tutorage of Czech language for children and adults and support with organising free time activites.

If you wish to use the support of our volunteers or become a volunteer, please let us know.


10.5        Language courses

We organise language courses of different levels. Some of our projects allow us to offer courses of Czech language free of charge. In case that there is no Czech language course  free of charge offered for some period of time or you do not meet criteria for the course, you can use our Czech In program, which is not free of charge.   


11    Complaints about services/workers of PPI

You, your family members or any other person can complain about the quality of our service any time  without our services provided to you being  jeopardised.  It is your right to complain if you are not satisfied with our services or our employees. On the other hand we would also appreciate if you raise some praise towards our services or employees. Any remarks, suggestions or complaints  is possible to give in person verbally, in writing by post, by email, phone or into a box of complaints placed in the premises of PPI which is checked fortnightly.  In case that you state your identification information in your complaint, we will let you know the result of our investigation of your complaint  within 30 working days.  You can send your written sugestions and prompts to: Mgr. Monika Korábová, Opletalova 6, 110 00 Praha 1, or by email:


12    Termination of services

It is your right to terminate our collaboration any time without stating reasons. We can terminate our service with you only if there are reasons stated below. In that case you would be informed about termination of our support in writing or verbally by a worker of PPI. We can terminate our service with you for certain period of time, maximally for 6 months.


12.1        Termination by service user - reasons

It is your right to refuse our service or withdraw from the contract during the process of collaboration without stating any reasons as stated in 9.1. Rights of service users.


12.2. Termination by service provider - reasons

·     If you do not cooperate activelly towards resolving your situation (call off arranged appointments, do not attend your appointments or do not work towards your goals in the plan).

·     If you do not provide your identification  information and it is necessary for the worker to know these to be able to support you with resolving your situation.

·     If you do not belong to the target group of PPI services.

·     If you are aggressive or dangerous towards workers or other clients of PPI.

·     If you are incompetent of legal acts.


13    Possibilities of financial gifts for PPI

All our services are free of charge. You can support us in several different ways. You can send us a financial gift that would be used to support the work of our organisation or it could be used for a certain project or activity of your choice. State that in you message for recipient.  If you decide to send us a financial gift, see below how to do it:


13.1            Bank transfer

Name and address of the bank: Raiffeisenbank, a.s., Vodičkova 38, 111 21 Praha 1

Account number: 67977967 / 5500

Variable symbol: 682115 – for support of clients

682116 – for support of organisation 


13.2            By postal order

Name and address of the account: Poradna pro integraci, Opletalova 921/6, 110 00 Praha 1

Account number: 67977967 / 5500

Variable symbol:        682115 – for support of clients

682116 – for support of organisation 

Constant symbol: 0558


13.3            DMS

Send SMS in this format: DMS gap POMOCPPI  on  87 777. Each text message will cost you 30kč. PPI will recieve each time 28,50Kč.


14    Emergency situations

In connection with provision of our services, rare emergency situations that could jeopardise quality or restrict quantity of our service could occure .

Different possible emergency situations and procedures towards safe solutions:



→        Find an employee of PPI withou delay.

→        Follow instructions of employee of PPI. If that person is injured or not able to react, folow Fire alarm protocols (Požární poplachové směrnic),

→        Fire alarm protocols and evacuation plan are placed on the first floor of PPI offices.

→        If you are able to put the fire out, use the fire extinguisher and then call Fire fighters on 150 or emergency SOS number 112 without delay.  Call these numbers without any delay straight away in case you are not able to put the fire out.

→        If there are people in the premisses of PPI who are unable to leave the premisses without any help, provide help or call Ambulance on 155. Leave the premisses of PPI without delay and wait for the arrival of Fire fighters.


Sudden deterioration of health conditions or accident of a service user/applicant/employee or any other person

→        In case that accident or sudden deterioration of health conditions of a service user, employee or anybody else occures  on premisses of PPI during the provison of the service, inform an employee of PPI without delay and folow his/her instructions.

 →       PPI employee will provide first aid. If he/she is unable to do that and there is no other employee, call Ambulance  - paramedics services on 155 or emergency number SOS number 112 and provide first aid.

→        The first aid box with the sign of red cross is in the back office in the wardrobe by the desk of the director of PPI.


Plumbing or gas/electricity emergency

→      If plumbing emergency occur or you think you can smell gas in PPI premisses, inform employees of PPI without delay and follow their instructions.


Evacuation of building

→      If evacuation of building is announced, always follow instructions of PPI employees. If  you  cannot see any PPI employee, leave the building without delay following evacuation plan (to be see in the corridor in front of the entrance to PPI).


Situation when a client, worker  or anybody else gets stuck in the lift

→      when a client, worker  or anybody else gets stuck in the lift, inform any PPI employee  and follow his/her instructions.

→      If you get stuck in the lift, try if the buttons work. If they do not work, press the button with a yellow bell on it and wait for a voice of operator.

This document will be updated when needed.


Emergency numbers:

SOS:                                        112

Fire Fighters:                         150

Ambulance - paramedics:     155

Police ČR:                               158

City police:                             156