Events, Activities, Lectures

Activities for children:

One of the regular activities for children is ART CLASSES. Art classes develop creative talents of children not only by crafting particular piece but also by collective work. Thanks to collective work children are taught to cooperate with others, to help each other and delegate tasks. Besides art classes we hold SPORT DAYS as well. Sport days or afternoons enable children to develop their physical abilities. However, it is not a classic school gym but traditional and non-traditional games and “Olympics.” Children are also taken to FIELD TRIPS. The goal of these field trips is to get the children to know their environment. Besides field trips to nature children also visit museums, children theatre plays, planetarium or observatory.

Activities for adults:

INFORMATION CENTRE in Usti nad Labem provides clients during the opening hours with the possibility of using a PC and internet, a library, a satellite TV and a room for meetings on daily basis. Our clients can also borrow foreign-language magazines and newspapers or be informed about planned activities. Counselling Centre for Integration holds LECTURES about current topics such as changes in the foreigners´ act, current changes in matters of residence, business and tax returns. The lectures enable our clients to better orient themselves in crucial areas of every-day life. We hold only-for-women meetings for women – foreigners on regular basis – THE LADIES CLUB. Our meetings take place the first Saturday of a month. The main point of the club is to bring women into creative activities and make them communicate in Czech so they develop their communication and creative skills. In case that a client wishes to share their skills and experiences they can do it during our WORKSHOPS. The workshops are intended not only for foreigners but for general public as well.


Ústí nad Labem

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