Language School Czech In

Counselling Centre for Integration administrates the social enterprise of the Language School Czech In (

The objective of the Language School is to support quick integration of children into Czech society and among their peers through Czech Language Courses. The Language School is a social enterprise because part of its income is being used to support foreigners living in the Czech Republic.

The Language School Czech In holds Czech language courses at kindergartens as well as at elementary schools for children that face challenges with Czech language, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. The courses are led by experienced lectors – native speakers and the teaching materials are specifically adjusted to children from 3 years of age.

Lectures take place in pleasant, playful and safe atmosphere and are created in a way so they educate and at the same time entertain children regardless of age, sex and nationality. Individual approach and cultural sensitivity of the education goes without saying. Tutors can rely on employees of Counselling Centre for Integration’s rich experience with work with foreigners that have been incorporated into our methodology.

Besides the courses for kindergarten and elementary-school children we also offer customized individual courses in a place of residence where the tutors commute to or in our own space in Prague 4 near the tube station Pankrac. Here are also held summer courses of the Czech Language and other events.

With every course we are also trying to meet the time needs of children’s parents and the needs of kindergartens and schools so the regular schooling, its pace and frequency is affected as little as possible.