About PPI


Counselling Centre for Integration is an NGO – civic association. Our goal is to help foreigners to integrate to ordinary life in Czech society. We help them to find accommodation, job or school. Therefore we help to foreigners to live satisfying life in the Czech Republic.

We offer to foreigners coming to Czech Republic outside the EU:

  • Counselling on social matters
  • Counselling on matters of law
  • Counselling on family and education
  • Tutoring of children
  • Czech language lectures for every age category
  • Support to cultural identity and to activities of communities of foreigners living in Czech Republic

Another field we focus on is support to respect to diversity and support of equal opportunities for foreigners in Czech society:

  • We create analysis and publications concerning life of foreigners in Czech Republic
  • We organize Multicultural Festival
  • We publish Association for Integration’s BulletIN about foreigners and for foreigners living in Czech republic
  •  We hold information campaigns, lectures, workshops and other happenings

Through these activities we would like to bring the Czech society to understand not only challenges that migrants face here but also the benefits they bring to our country.

Our organization has been created in 1997 and thanks to our long tradition we have rich experience with foreigners and as such we belong among expert organizations in the field. For that reason, we provide services to support the integration of foreigners in long term perspective. We manage a Centre for Support of Integration of Foreigners in Ústecký region (www.centrumcizincu.cz) and we co-manage the Integration Centre in Prague (www.icpraha.com). We provide registered professional social services and manage big and small projects that specialize on various aspects of support of equal opportunities for foreigners.
You wil find more about the organization in charter of the civic assosiation